Wave Paintings. Seven of them.

Wave Breaking , Morning by Maggi Hambling

Wave Breaking, Morning by Maggi Hambling (credit: artnet.com)

Wave by Maggi Hambling

Wave by Maggi Hambling

I envy this brushwork by Maggi Hambling.  Also the energy and texture.  Go look at her website right now.  (It gives me a bunch of errors but the two paintings I was able to see were totally worth it).  Here’s the wiki about her with some interesting biographical details.


Wave by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

This is a serenely flowing painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek (The “Prabhakara” is Sanskrit and means “source of light”).

Beautifully detailed, realistic watercolor from Australian marine artist Wayne Roberts:

Roaring Forties by Wayne Roberts

Roaring Forties, watercolor by Wayne Roberts

Here’s something more abstract from Roberts.

Rocks and Sea by Wayne Roberts

Rocks and Sea, titanium and ink on paper by Wayne Roberts

Finally, here are some wave-inspired mosaics by glass artist Karen Pearle:

Wave #4 by Karen Pearle

Wave #4, mosaic by Karen Pearle

Wave #5 by Karen Pearle

Wave #5, mixed media by Karen Pearle

Questions?  Comments?  Holler at me in the box below.

I like to know that people actually read my blog occasionally.  Oh, sure, I could check my site stats, but most of my hits are from spambots.

5 thoughts on “Wave Paintings. Seven of them.

    • Oh. I wonder what’s wrong with the second one. I see it just fine.

      Yeah, I know. It’s greatness that is kinda depressing because it’s so damn great. It makes one acutely aware of the difference in skill levels between oneself and Greatness.

      On the other hand, she’s a woman painter widely accepted as Great, and she’s a lesbian too, so she’s overcome two massive social hurdles that usually stand between an artist and Greatness. That’s awesome.

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