She’s leaving home

…here I go.

It begins rather tamely with a local train to Maribor.  From there, I am hitchhiking to Vienna, because I am damned if I am paying 60 euros for a train.  Honestly, what starving artist can afford that rubbish.

From Vienna I am taking a bus to Katowice, Poland, and from there I am taking a train to Krakow, where hopefully Ania will be anxiously awaiting her painting.

The painting below, which isn’t really done (I’ll probably add more to it when I am in Krakow:”

Painting I made for my friend

The painting I hope will score me some rides

It is much rougher than I want, but I ran out of time.

From Krakow I will go to Lvov, Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine.  Maybe to the Crimea if I get a REALLY wild hair or enjoy tediously long train rides.

I’ll come back via Chisinau, Moldova, then through northern Romania and Hungary.

Oh, yeah, and I’m spending my birthday at Chernobyl.  The public has spoken.


See you from Vienna, if I have time to blog.