Sleepless In Krakow

Krakow, Poland:  Here I am.

I survived the train to Maribor, hitching for hours in the hot sun, finally getting a ride to Graz with a nice Serb family, and finally taking the Austrian Railjet to Vienna.  I walked round Vienna for a while, toting this huge painting, and finally was crammed into a bus along with a bunch of noisy Poles for a nightmarishly long and sleepless ride to Krakow.  The painting survived this hellish trip with a minimum of damage.

Now that I’m here, my friend (the one I am giving the painting to) says she can’t put me up for the next three days and she can’t find anyone who can.   Lovely!

I have tons of photos, but they need to be resized before I can post them.

Also, there is a big Sunday market here in Krakow, and my favorite restaurant wasn’t open yet so I went down to the market to get some food.  I met some hungry looking guys there scrounging around the trash cans eating leftovers and I gave them enough money to get a meal.  They were really happy.

Interesting tree in Krakow’s central market square.

I will write in lots more detail about everything I saw and did.  But this is just to let you all know I got as far as Krakow and so far, I’m okay.  And probably my karma has gone up by +1.


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