And now for something staggeringly beautiful

Loch Bran Solstice

Loch Bran Solstice, a photo by McRusty on Flickr.

This comes courtesy of Scotland in the Gloaming.

Images like these make me long to see Scotland with my own eyes.  Someday I will.



Spot the Misogyny: Irn Bru will get you through

Heat wave, day 5.

Temperature: brutal. Air: none. Meaningful activity: impossible.

The only way to survive: minimize one’s own movement.

When the inevitable frustration and boredom set in:  distract self by making a few exploratory forays into the heap of decaying garbage called popular culture.

And here’s a new game:  Spot the Misogyny!

Twitter user @SaorEcosse tweeted this link. claiming it to be “brilliant”.

I viewed it, and found myself in a freshly steaming heap o’misogyny.


Can you spot the misogyny?  Answers after the jump.

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