What I know of Wayland’s Song

I keep getting clicks on my site from somebody looking for information about Richard Jobson’s new movie Wayland’s Song.

Random Internet Person, I am not sure why you keep coming here, but I will try to help you.

Here’s everything I know about Wayland’s Song:  it’s a full-length film about a man who comes back from Afghanistan and looks for his lost daughter.   It’s being shot in London.   Shooting has not yet begun but Richard has said that it will begin on Friday, 29 June.

Update:  As of July 5, Richard is shooting a grave scene in the dark with Iraina Mancini and Orla Brady.

Update 2: As of July 14, all the shooting is now complete.

Update 3: As of July 18, Richard is re-shooting some scenes.  Click here to read more.

Here are the latest tweets from Richard (as of June 28th)

Should be “blut” not “blud” if he’s speaking German



Richard has two websites that I know of:  No Bad Films and RichardJobson.com

You can follow him yourself on Twitter for the latest updates.  He’s very busy at the moment but he tweets a little bit each day.   He hasn’t had time to answer very many of my questions lately, but he did tell me the name of the artist who made this neat sculpture:

Interesting bust of Richard Jobson by David Mach

I hope that helps, Random Internet Person!

Yet another update: 8 February 2013

Judging by the number of people who click on this post every day to find out more about Wayland’s Song, I’d say a definite yes.

Still another update: 13 June 2013

The Punk Rocker who Became A Filmmaker by Eric Philpott.

Richard is hosting a webinar today at Adobe to talk about Wayland’s Song.  Here’s the link.  See you there.

Still another update:  3 July 2013

Wayland’s Song now has a website. Click here to see it.

It comes out in September 2013.

8 thoughts on “What I know of Wayland’s Song

  1. Welcome back from piracy on the high seas. A creative post indeed. This, this, this internet thingy does give up plenty of good material especially to those with keen mind.

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