How Not to Disgrace Yourself Utterly on the Internet!

Are you on the internet because you have something awesome that people should see?  Do you want to know how not to act like an ass and alienate them forever before they get a chance to see it?

Some folks out there are shooting themselves in the foot every time they use some kind of social media.

There was an idea for a blog post about this floating around in my head, though mine would have involved much spitting of venom, because of a particular Literary Snob Writer out there who acted like I wasn’t good enough to appreciate his work. But I am swamped with other stuff and I can’t write coherently in 95 degree heat.  So instead I poured out all my sorrows into the ear of Daniel Swensen. And he came up with a blog post which is way more reasonable and intelligent and full of useful links than anything I am capable of.  It’s aimed at authors, but it’s good advice for anybody.

The Pure Awesomeness that is Daniel Swensen

Everybody loves sarcasm. Oh, yeah, everybody in the world just loves sarcasm. Go on, ask them, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to tell you all about it.

Witty complaints or acidic barbs can entertain and enthrall — in moderation. But no one’s interested in a constant bitchfest. Your followers do not want to hear about what a burden it is to have so many fans, or how angry you are that so many authors are promoting their books(instead of yours).  — Daniel Swensen, “Social Media and Indie Authors: How (Not) to Behave”

Go read the whole thing.  I think you’ll agree that he writes much better than I do and uses far less offensive language.

Daniel Swensen wins the internets.  And not just because he name-checked me at the end, though that definitely helps.  It’s a dizzying feeling of euphoria, having inspired somebody.   I need to do this more often.

7 thoughts on “How Not to Disgrace Yourself Utterly on the Internet!

  1. Thanks so much for the mention and the inspiration, MK. There are days when I feel very inclined to offensive language myself, but I try to curb it. I like to think I’m saving it up for a special occasion.

    And I agree, inspiring people? It is the stuff of legend.

  2. Awesome, both of you. Well-written, well said. All good advice. I’m with you M.K. on the profanity, at least at home, or with friends who know me well. I keep it out of my blog, however, and try not to lob too much of it out in public.

  3. I wonder how many will read this an think this post is about me? Not many. Those aforementioned tend to be self-absorbed with their head bent between their legs, firmly wedged in what is most likely their best asset -asset, okay a stretch.

    Nothing wrong with profanity if it works for you. Nor with sugar, nor with spicy. Use of profanity creatively is subjective and relative. Subjective if it is right for you and the subject at hand. And ‘relative’ to the degree you wish to risk alienating or offending someone. Be it speak easy, rhetorical or street gutter – have a point to your madness. Without intent or a reasoned view, your words will be only as Daniel said ‘Acid Barbs’ that will cut an maim someone eventually. ‘Barbs’ are meant to keep out. If that is ones’ intent then you might as do everyone a favour an save a valuable commodity -bandwidth.

    A great post!

    • The thing is, that even if people don’t recognize themselves, they should at least unconsciously acquire the idea that being rude to potential fans and collectors isn’t such a great idea. Hopefully this will have some kind of positive effect, and if not: well, we tried.

  4. This is a wonderful post, MK. I hopped over to check out the link on Daniel’s site and I could really relate with a lot of his advice. I am amazed at how some people use rudeness to garner attention–I don’t get it.

  5. Aw, shucks. *looking embarrassed*
    It was all Daniel. Well, mostly. I’m the one who got painfully snubbed by a Literary Novelist Snob, but he’s the one who immortalized that experience, so he really deserves most of the credit. I was too immature to do it. My blog post would have been the literary equivalent of a pie in Literary Novelist Snob’s face. Daniel was all dignified and reasonable and stuff. I should try that sometime.

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