The Sketchbook Project begins

I heard my landlady bellow my name from downstairs.  After a quick self-inspection to make sure I was dressed – bitter experience has taught me the importance of this  – I rushed to open the door.   There, lying on the landing, was a brown envelope with something I’ve been eagerly waiting for.



Ignore those greasy fingerprints on the cover.  I had just put on some hand lotion. 

This 8″ by 5″, 220 page sketchbook by Watson-Guptill is bound like a real book.  I didn’t want a spiral binding even though it would have let the pages lie flat.  I wanted something that would look and feel like a book and look good on a shelf, but not look so awesome that I would be afraid to actually write or sketch in it.  (That’s happened to me before with fancy journals).

Inside the sketchbook

Open sketchbook held in my stubby claw

I haven’t sketched in ages.  But I have a backup plan to fill the deficiencies up with writing.


I am a little flummoxed about what to put in first.  And I wish the pages were a buff color instead of blinding white.

Wish me luck, dear readers.

4 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Project begins

  1. Good luck!!
    I like the idea of swapping sketchbooks. Never thought of it, but I am not sure if I wanted to do that.. my sketchbooks are my diaries and I don’t think I’d want someone else to “read” my intimacies, lol

    Updates on the progress please!

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