Wayland’s encore

This just in!!

Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson looking very serious

Wayland’s Song, the new film by punk turned film director Richard Jobson is already wrapped.  But I’ve just heard from Jobson that he is still shooting more footage on a train today – he explained it was for more “nourish effect”.  I asked him why he is still shooting, and he breezily answered, “Never finished”.

The man is obsessed.  I can respect that.  I may never know what “nourish effect” means, though.

Update #2!! (July 27th)

Richard just told me that the character of Wayland,  played by Michael Nardone, is an epileptic.

Here you can read about what I know about Wayland’s Song up to today.

Jobson has two websites that I know of:  No Bad Films and RichardJobson.com.

– Signing off as M.K. Hajdin,  Richard Jobson’s unofficial publicist.

Quote of the day: Sacrifice at the Altar of Beauty

Helen Frankenthaler by Ernest Haas

Helen Frankenthaler in 1969 by Ernest Haas

What would the world be like if all the time and energy and thought that so many women feel compelled to sacrifice at the altar of the Beauty Mandate were given to other pursuits? To improving the self in ways that impacted positively upon self-concept and could lead from strength to strength, chasing self-actualization instead of fighting a losing battle against the physical signs of years lived?”

– Leisha Kivlin, commenting on this thread at I Blame The Patriarchy.

Leisha Kivlin is a writer.  Her website is here.

Here is an interesting article about how Helen Frankenthaler’s status as a woman affected her career as an artist.