Sundays with Clyfford Still: Some Unexpected Levity (16)

Welcome to Sundays With Clyfford Still. I’m your host, M.K. Hajdin.

This is number 16 in the series. You can read the other posts here.

Our last episode was a bit grim, so here’s a palate cleanser.

Clyfford Still did some realistic sketches of Indian people.  Here they are, looking remarkably more cheery than most of his other work.   And here’s a link to an article in the Denver Post about the new works in the Clyfford Still Museum.  I’m not sure I agree with Rinaldi’s characterization of Still’s later works as a “decline”, or that “pretty” is an unworthy goal in art.  I’ve always felt that to be an elitist opinion, but it would take an entire post of its own to explain why.  Anyway, here comes the bright and cheery:

Clyfford Still Sketches

Sketches by Clyfford Still. Photo: Gary Regester

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