My life: Nice people. And puppies.


Apples on the tree

Today I woke up at 6pm from day 5 of Metformin coma with no groceries in the house.  Off I went, on foot, to the nearest large-ish supermarket, 4km away.

Strange weather:  rainy, but too hot to be refreshing.  I got to the store 15 minutes before they closed, bought more stuff than I could comfortably carry while holding a huge umbrella, and was on my way back when a little red car stopped and someone hailed me in English.

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Spot the Misogyny: Fake-Feminist Magazine Editor Dies, her Rule Continues

“The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.” ― Søren Kierkegaard, who couldn’t be expected to have a clue about the grave-defying persistence of misogynist magazine editors.

It’s Spot The Misogyny Week here at Exiled Stardust!

Smart and Witty shirt

The first step to smartville is the realization that pretty is a path to nowhere.

That wasn’t my idea, mind you, it’s just the reality.  While we’re swimming in a polluted sea ‘o’ misogyny all the time, the stench is particularly thick in the blogosphere now that Helen Gurley Brown has kicked the bucket.  The movement to enshrine her as some kind of heroic liberator of women is underway, and woe betide anyone who points out the fakeness of her fake feminist legacy.  Yeah.  I won’t even call it funfeminism or fauxfeminism any more.  Beauty compliance and man-appeasement packaged as feminism? Not fun. Just fake.

A fake feminist site I’ll call “Jez”  posted a piece whining about all of HGB’s critics and lauding her a “radical feminist” and calling her the woman who supposedly invented sex.  I won’t link to it; they don’t deserve the hits.

I’m just wondering how much these writers get paid to lie to the public, and if the money is worth it for them.   But Jez is a commercial blog, supported by advertising, and it flogs beauty and sex crap, so what did I expect?  Integrity?

This sassy and feisty self-delusion-fest is giving me a stabbing migraine, so I’ll leave you the way I left Jez: with a quote from an actual radical feminist.

“I told men to fuck off and I wrote songs about vibrators, so I thought I was a feminist. I was too dumb, when I was young and adored, to grasp that all I had done was to succeed at femininity, and that femininity is no pinnacle of human achievement.

It would be many years before I would understand that femininity, the practice of femininity, and the fetishization of femininity degrades all women. That femininity is not a “choice” when the alternative is derision, ridicule, workplace sanctions, or ostracization. That femininity is a set of degrading behaviors that communicates one’s level of commitment to male authority and women’s oppression. That femininity is coerced appeasement, regardless of how successfully it is now marketed to young women as feminism.”

You can read this actual feminist’s actual feminist blog here.

We’re NASA, and We Know We’re Sexist

Today on Spot the Misogyny: the viral video “We’re NASA, and We Know It”

This video was all over Twitter today and even @MarsCuriosity thinks it’s OMG THE BEST VIDEO EVAR!!1!

Youtube user who posted this video: “Satire”

Am I the only person wondering why such a spirited celebration of geekery just HAD to include a headless dancing chick in an American flag bikini?  While every male in the video remained fully clothed with his dignity intact?

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