We’re NASA, and We Know We’re Sexist

Today on Spot the Misogyny: the viral video “We’re NASA, and We Know It”

This video was all over Twitter today and even @MarsCuriosity thinks it’s OMG THE BEST VIDEO EVAR!!1!

Youtube user who posted this video: “Satire”

Am I the only person wondering why such a spirited celebration of geekery just HAD to include a headless dancing chick in an American flag bikini?  While every male in the video remained fully clothed with his dignity intact?

Yeah.  We’re used to random headless women’s bodies used to sell things.  So used to it that when I speak up and say, “Hey, this is totally fucking sexist,” I get crickets.

People in general and lefty liberals in particular seem not to understand that there’s a lot more to women’s rights than equal pay for equal work and access to abortions.

In a world without oppression, there wouldn’t be an overwhelming cultural pressure on women to allow the male gaze unlimited access to their bodies.   Females would not be pressured into wearing stupid clothing that men don’t have to wear.  And a female body wouldn’t be universal visual code for “sex”.

But we’re a long way from that world.   And what’s infinitely sad is how few of us care enough about justice for all to actually want to do what it takes to get there.

This video gleefully supports the near-universal music video trope that women are decorative trophy objects.

How much of this do we put up with every day because there’s just so much of it, EVERYWHERE, that you can’t watch anything without seeing it, and there’s just too much to fight?

Fight, I say.  Tell the sexists that they’re sexist.  Don’t buy whatever they’re selling.  And don’t listen when they tell you that you’re overreacting and that you should shut up.  Enforcers of the status quo always say that.

It would have been such a great video, without the misogyny.

3 thoughts on “We’re NASA, and We Know We’re Sexist

    • Hi, Susan. Thanks for your comment. You and the other women at JPL have my wholehearted support. It’s sad how many people seem unable to see the misogyny here, but we women have been routinely humiliated in the media for so long that it’s considered the norm, and anyone speaking out against it is sneered at for overreacting. Keep fighting the good fight.

  1. Reblogged this on t'arthead and commented:
    I’m reblogging this in support of the women at JPLNASA who object to the casual sexism (the most pernicious kind) displayed in the ‘cool’, dudely video. As usual, their voices are not being heard.
    To Assange supporters, Galloway, Akin, rape apologists everywhere:
    “…no matter the cause, the progressive left cannot deny, downplay or ridicule the seriousness of rape and sexual assault to treat women’s bodies as collateral in some wider battle. Women’s rights are not secondary to liberal or class politics, they are, and should be, placed at the their heart.”
    ~ Women from Compass, a group for the betterment of society, in a letter in Thursday’ Guardian.
    To ‘feminist’ right-on male and female supporters of Pussy Riot: READ THIS:
    From Lyn Gardner’s review of Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece:
    “It’s a reminder that, in the powerplays of men, women’s bodies are often the battlefield”.
    So it goes.

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