Spot The Misogyny: If I Objectify Myself, Will They Stop Objectifying Me?

I keep saying this is an art blog, because it is.  That said, here’s another episode of Spot the Misogyny.  In a historic reversal of the usual male/female roles, Clyfford Still will have to wait his turn until this feminist blogger is done talking about women’s issues.  Clyffie isn’t going anywhere, and there’s a lot going on that I don’t want to miss engaging with.

old squaw

Has a degree in particle physics. (Source)

I left a comment on this “fun, fearless” pop-culture site  aimed at women.

The story linked above begins with an image of heaving cleavage (thankfully not entirely exposed) and the message: “Has a degree in neuroscience”.

It goes on to talk about how a fashion designer started a website that claims to fight the objectification of women.  Viewers are encouraged to send in photos of their body parts with uplifting messages attached thereto.  This, they claim, will “take control of the male gaze” and “empower women”.

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