Somebody posted a thoughtful, articulate story about the Sun’s Page Three. That person was not me, at least not today as I was too busy retweeting my fingers down to nubs, but the least I could do is reblog this literary awesomeness for your reading pleasure. Note for US readers: “Biscuit” is what people in the UK call a cookie.


I love keeping up with current affairs. I’ve always had that picture of my future family, sitting around the breakfast table. Me, reading the Sunday papers, the kids, most probably, spilling cereal over the floor and my partner looking the other way or possibly holding his head in his hands and wondering where it all went wrong. I like to ensure that even my fantasies have a tone of realism to them.

Picture the scene: Let’s say, for some bizarre reason, my paper one morning is The Sun (ridiculous, I know), my child (gender is irrelevant) decides to flick through the pages after me. “Mummy, what does this lady do in the news? Is she important?” He/she says as they point at a naked breast on Page 3. What answer will I give? No, seriously, write suggestions below, the more parenting advice I have now the better it is for the…

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