Quote of the Day: Ending a culture of sexist entitlement

“Ending a culture of entitlement of unfettered access when it comes to women’s bodies is a fairly basic principle for ensuring women are treated as autonomous individuals and not objectified as secondary to men’s libidos. Media practices which knowingly and aggressively undermine this should be a thing of the past.”

Simple. Brilliant.  Go read the rest of the post.


Boobs, bangers, hooters, bristols, funbags, knockers, shirt potatoes, norks. Call them what you will, you can be sure that a lady’s breasts, and who feels they have an innate right to see them are going to be in the news cycle for a good few days yet.

Why? Because unsurprisingly, some peeping tom with a zoom lense has managed to confirm what we all knew anyway: just like 51% of the population, Kate Middleton has them.

The ensuing row will almost certainly go like this
1. Pictures intruding someones privacy become available on the Internet.
2. Debate ensues as to whether press should publish them
3. Someone will blame Kate for having breasts and daring to show them in the privacy of a private place
4. A paper will publish them on the basis that they have a moral right since they are on the Internet anyway.
5. Someone will…

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