Hey, world! We’ve got 10,000 signatures for No More Page 3!

Our petition to get the UK tabloid The Sun to stop exploiting women’s bodies on its page 3 has now 10,000 signatures.  The media is beginning to notice us.

I hope that every woman who has ever felt awful because of Page 3 will join us, and that men will realize that this isn’t harmless fun – it really hurts women, and makes the world a worse place for us all to live in.

It’s not a conservative issue, or a liberal issue.  It’s a human rights issue.  It doesn’t matter what your political views or philosophy are.   All you need is to believe that respect and dignity are the right of all human beings.

If you haven’t signed already, please visit: http://change.org/nomorepage3 and help us out.

The baby penguin community has our back!

Baby penguins congratulate us


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