The dumbest thing I have ever read in a newspaper, EVAR

Art by Jungshun Shin

Art that doesn’t objectify women. By Jungshun Shin.   Source

I sneaked some art throughout this post, to make up for all the willful ignorance we’ll be wading through.  It is a very long slog indeed, but the art is good and it’s all by women artists.
So we’re still campaigning against Page 3, because boobs still aren’t news, and we’re up to 34,535 signatures and counting.  Lucy-Anne Holmes has been all over the media lately talking about it, and we’re gaining supporters every day.  All this is really, really great.
On October 29th through the 4th of November, we invite you to join us in boycotting stores who advertise in the Sun:
The Huffington Post ran a feature where you vote on what you think about this issue, then you read two opinions about the piece, and afterwards you vote on whether your opinion was changed.
  • The piece in support of No More Page 3 was eloquently written by Caroline Criado-Perez, and you can read it on the link above.
  • The opposing view was by Neil Wallis, a former editor of the Sun.
Wallis’s argument was so hilariously irrational I just had to post it here for your entertainment, with my comments.   Let’s play Spot the Misogyny!