Ironically Misspelled Feminist Quote of The Day: Sex positivism

Art that doesn't objectify women

Cauliflower by Hedda Sterne, 1967

I think the crank on “sex positivism” is best cartoonized by the Full Frontal Feminism book, where on the book you have a nakid lady. See feminism is funz, see, you can put your body up for a product and it’s a self-referential joke and empowerfulizing. You know, like Obama put a nakid picture of himself on the cover of his important political book. Guyz do that all the time, because it is empowerful and shows yourz fancy thinkin’ and people don’t call men who write books without the nakid pictures of them to be on talk shows and a spokesperson for a generation.

See, the author points out, feminists can be hairfree and have adoring gazes at your abs (just like the previous generation could do that and be cleaning their oven at the same time). See, you can be asked to be on the guyz shows to represent feminism because you getz that the price of admission to attention to whatever you argue is that you are pleasant to look at and the sexy. What a force for the changz.

–Blamer “Tilly”, from this EPIC thread on I Blame the Patriarchy

Tilly is a force for the lolz.

More radfem funnery:

The Past: Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

The Present: Feminism is the radical idea that I can have sex whenever I want with whomever I choose. Oh, and p()rn is cool.

The Patriarchy: hahahahahahaha!

— Blamer “rubysecret”, from the same thread


Shh!  We’re supposed to be humorless feminists!


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