You are warmly invited to help us boycott major Sun advertisers from 29th October through 5 November.

No More Page 3

So, you’ve contacted your MP, now, who else can you contact that is in a powerful position to sway the powers that be at The Sun??


That’s right, the companies who give millions of pounds, the pounds that you work hard for and spend in their shop, to The Sun, which has Page 3, ‘the biggest thing normalizing the sexual objectification of women’ (a quote from one of the signatures on our petition – thank you, we quite agree)

So please can you copy the below letter and post it on the facebook pages beneath.

I am wholeheartedly supporting the campaign No More Page 3, which is appealing to Dominic Mohan, editor of The Sun, to please remove the bare breasts of young women from this family newspaper.

These pictures were introduced in 1970, an incredibly sexist era. We do not think they should remain in 2012. Children…

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