Inclusivity: a rant

Unconscious Anxiety by Chiharu Shiota

Unconscious Anxiety by Chiharu Shiota, 2009

Women who believe that women deserve fully human status, but don’t want to call themselves feminists for fear of the withering glare of male disapproval.

Women who listen to feminism being trashed as the territory of humorless old prudes who don’t want anybody to have any fun.  They nod and smile along, and then pipe up with, “But I’M pretty!  I’M sexy!  I love men!”

Women who are passionately opposed to racism, classism, gender essentialism, and every other form of marginalization that exists…but still think that feminism is a dirty word, Andrea Dworkin was a monster, and radfems just go too far.

Believers in social justice who want to include everybody.  Except those who are too serious about the idea that women are people, not decorative penis holsters.

Radical feminists are the most demonized female demographic.  ‘Hairy, humorless dyke’ is a running joke among Dude Nation.  Libfems and funfems, their kissing cousins, are very happy to let us take the stigma and abuse while they rush to assure dudes that they aren’t like us, not really.

They are all about including marginalized groups…except us.  Us, they are only too ready to throw under the patriarchal bus.

Go on, embrace everyone under that big-tent philosophy, except those who actually want to free you.  Then wonder why women are still fighting for abortion rights 40 years after Roe vs. Wade.

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