Invigorating internet feminism. We need more of that.

Composition in Red and Black by Tin Tin Sann

Composition in Red and Black by Tin Tin Sann.

Okay.  I didn’t really need to see this today.  I really, really didn’t.

Blogging about feminism (particularly the no-nonsense kind) comes with unpleasant consequences, such as getting dumped by most of your so-called friends and trashed by pretty much everyone who feels threatened by your views, which means pretty much everyone.  And that’s unpleasant to wake up to every morning when you’d rather be out looking at heatwarming nature crap.  None of us has the energy to battle for fully human status every moment of every day.

But the world still hates women and it is still smooshing our humanity down to nothing, and our culture is full of oppressive tropes that only facilitate the smooshing, and even other women think it’s okay to do things that smoosh us even more, and we need to do something about this before we’re all smooshed.

The patriarchy-blaming torch; it is ours to carry.  I hope to set many male-supremacist farms alight.  Care to join me?