Humor site grasps the essence of misogyny. Sort of.

It’s official.

A humor website is not only funnier, but smarter and more aware than most mainstream news sites.
This article from Cracked is proof men are capable of understanding what a fucked up world this is for women.  Sort of.  Dude backs up his reasoning with phony evo-psych arguments and really doesn’t seem to get why the concept of beauty is oppressive when applied to human beings, and his only conclusion seems to be, “Sorry we’re such pigs, ladies.”

There’s another M.K. on the internet who takes apart the article named above in more detail.

Flawed as it is, this is far more awareness of misogyny than you’ll get from most other media outlets.

4 thoughts on “Humor site grasps the essence of misogyny. Sort of.

  1. I like Wong’s article, and I can also see exactly what’s wrong with it. I find MK’s tone unnecessarily harsh… this man is trying to go in the right direction (albeit with, as you say, baby steps) and should be encouraged in his gropings towards the light rather than pissed on from on high. Don’t you think?

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