Art-dude wants his tits ‘n’ ass in a classier format

Cartoon about No More Page 3, by L.E. Burgess

Cartoon by L.E. Burgess for No More Page 3

I adore women. Absolutely put-them-on-a-pedestal-and-make-a-bumbling-fool-of-myself-because-I’m-too-scared-to-talk-to-them-properly-adore them. I try and convey that adoration in each and every one of my pieces, whether it’s a sketchy scribbling, or a full-blown bells-and-whistles pinup.

Hey, L.E. Burgess?

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The art world’s ghetto of lady painters

To The North by Lee Krasner Exiled Stardust

To The North by Lee Krasner, 1980

Are women artists the overlooked equals of men, or do they have their own separate story to tell? In trying to answer, Andrew gets lost in the weeds, perhaps understandably so, because the answer to all of these questions is yes.

James Panero, from the blog Supreme Fiction

Panero has a bit of nerve pointing fingers, there.  He’s about to get lost in some mile-high weeds of his own.

Part of the confusion here may lie in the way political feminism has controlled our sex-based dialogue, all while trailblazing women into an artistic ghetto.

Um, what?

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Women, the makers of “Skyfall” hate you

Angry Red Women by Brandi Elkin

Angry Red Women by Brandi Elkin

James Bond movies are all about male fantasy, and we live in a culture where women are violently dominated by men, so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that the new film Skyfall is misogynist.

We’re all used to the cavalier Bond creatively foiling super-sexxay ladyvillains. That isn’t enough to keep the lead in Dude Nation’s pencil any more. The movie franchise wants to keep their money-maker relevant, so they’re doing so by kicking the woman-hatey crap up a notch.

Bond is a rapist now.

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New and improved: Hipster Sexism!

Art that doesn't objectify women by Marian Yap

Cinnabar by Marian Yap. Marian’s blog is here.

Art that doesn’t objectify women by Marian Yap.  Click the image to see more.

Sometimes I wonder if articles by women purporting to be feminists, or feminist allies, are really on the side of women at all.

Take this supposedly thought-provoking piece in

It worships at the feet of some ad imploring women to vote, which is supposed to be all “ironic” and “clever” because some hip tattooed chick talks about losing her virginity in it.

Meanwhile, voters with XY chromosomes are merely implored to vote,  free of any creepy allusions to their sex lives.

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