100 Minutes of Misogyny: A review of a preview

So I’m watching a preview for a Croatian movie called Sto minuta Slave, or 100 Minutes of Glory, about the life of painter Slava Raškaj.  (Her last name’s pronounced something like Rash-key.  Her first name also means “glory”, so the title of the film is a pun.)

Slava Raškaj

Slava Raškaj, self-portrait

Raškaj is known as the greatest watercolorist in Croatian art.  Deaf since birth, she studied art in Vienna (Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time) and painted her most famous watercolors in the Botanical Gardens in Zagreb.  There are a couple of them in the Modern Art Gallery in Zagreb.  Other than this, there is damn little material available about her or her life.

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