Evil Overlord Strategies to discredit women in the public sphere

Inspired by this news story about a female “feminist” politician sniping at another female “feminist” politician, and the collective laughter directed thereat.  Also, an excuse to use “thereat” in a sentence.

Classic overlord strategy:

1. Have women from your party insist that they are feminists in spite of wholeheartedly embracing your party’s deeply misogynistic political platform.

2. Set them upon one another for an amusing distraction from real issues.

3. Then claim women aren’t qualified for positions of power, because they are catty and can’t stop infighting.

4. Quietly go about your evil plans without being noticed by all the people busily making fun of the women.

5. Succeed in maintenance of status quo.

6. Sit back. Laugh. Twirl your evil moustache.