My blog in the news. Film at 11.

Actually, film any damn time you want it.

So here’s a video intro for my blog.

Voiceover app mispronounces Slava Raskaj, but otherwise does very well. I’m surprised it got the s sound right.

Thanks to @tartclub and @exomene for the link.

New painting: Guilty

This is the successfully finished three-color challenge that I did for Gravity Kills.


Blue, green, grey (it’s a really DARK grey, har har)

A visual interpretation of the song “Guilty”.

Guilty by M.K. Hajdin

Update:  Gravity Kills just tweeted me and said, I quote, “That is fucking awesome.”  I’m totally putting that on my CV.


Here’s the song, in case you weren’t alive in the 90s.  😉