Quote of the day: Saying What We Mean

The Companions by Titti Hammarling

The Companions by Titti Hammarling.  Source

Our time is too valuable, and our thoughts moreso, to waste engaging in passive aggression.

Furthermore,  our thoughts, experiences, and truth are valuable and deserve respect.

We do not disrespect our truth by diluting its expression with tepid concessions to the sensibilities of people whose behavior demonstrates reflexive devaluation of our thoughts, dismissal of our experiences, and distortion of our truth – especially to avoid acknowledging an uncomfortable and unflattering reality.

In short (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) we do not give a flying fuck about your fee-fees. It is safe to presume that we say exactly what we mean and we mean what we say.

Miss Andrist, lover of men, from this epic blog post

Where did all the light in the universe come from?

If you’ve got nothing to do for the next 9 minutes, and you enjoy watching cool animations while totally blowing your mind, you might enjoy this fine documentary about how all the light in the universe came to be.

With gorgeous graphics by Aimei Kutt.


Funny how it makes all your earthly cares seem small, isn’t it?