Quote of the Day: Rights vs. privileges

Barbara Aubin

Roar of a Tumbling Sea Wave, Barbara Aubin, 1959. Source

These over-privileged, whiny little assholes who’ve never had to deal with any sort of serious infringement upon their rights (even if we conceive of the term “rights” broadly to include life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, a big house, a pure-bred Labrador, unlimited micro-brews, a big-ass truck, a higher salary than their talent and skills warrant, more social prestige than their worth as human beings can account for, and the freedom to act like Larry the Cable guy and then ask people to take their points of view seriously) have come to see their privileges as rights, and to use language that ought to be reserved for decrying the most egregious of abominations to defend those privileges. They think they have a “right” to say/publish/broadcast whatever hateful, demagogic bullshit comes into their Coors Light-saturated cortexes, but are totally unwilling to take the rights of those affected by what they’ve said/published/broadcast into account…

And don’t even get me started on MRAs. Those motherfuckers think that their “rights” are in danger every time someone sneezes.

— Nine Deuce, from this excellent blog post which everybody in the world should go read right now.

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