Radical feminist does not equal vegan

To those who think all radical feminists are statutorily required to be vegans or forever relegated to less-than, Not Entirely Serious About Feminism status:

Read this link here. 

It’s more liberal-ish than my take on the subject would be, but it pretty much sums up my argument.

Veganism is the new diet-based puritanism, and it’s no healthier for us than the original puritanism.  But I can see why it appeals to feminists.  Feminists are idealists, and veganism promises to save cute animals and the planet too.  It gives a marginalized class a seductive illusion of power as they virtuously deny themselves food, and it’s a real self-esteem boost to believe that your creepily eating-disorder-like self-deprivation makes you one of the enlightened few.  The magical thinking of it all is a bracing palate cleanser for  post-capitalist anxiety.  If it floats your boat, fine, but I’m an obligate carnivore, so keep your speciesist smuggery out of my face.

I know, I know.  You don’t believe in obligate carnivores.  And you think that people who need insulin should just curl up and die because insulin comes from pigs and using animal products is wrong.

Oh, you don’t?

You’re one of those vegans who never preaches?  And you’re so upset that everyone thinks vegans are self-righteous assholes when you so aren’t that way at all?

You’re totally okay with the fact that not every body in the world can adapt to a vegan diet?  You just want everybody else to stop eating meat?

That would still eliminate much of the supply, making what meat remained too expensive for me to afford, which would still put my life at risk.  So fuck you.

And fuck the way you think vegans are the only people on the planet who REALLY care about animals.  It’s possible to care about animals and be realistic about the fact that life feeds on life.

Your sanctimony is wasted on me, so I’m closing the comments.