I’ve felt awful the past few days and I don’t know if that’s affecting my art or what.    I think I overworked the Stella drawing.   I’m just going to fix her hair a little and leave it as is instead of try to put in too much shading.  The casual breezy look suits her better than a high degree of finish, I think.

I don’t have an image for you yet.  I don’t want to show the overworked version.

Sketch in progress: Stella Creasy MP

So here’s a sketch, still in its early stages, of Labour MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy.

I find beautiful people easy but slightly boring to draw.  I like complex faces with lines and wrinkles and weirdness and character.  Beautiful people do make charming portraits, though, as this sketch shows.

Stella sketch

Stella Creasy MP, sketch in progress by M.K. Hajdin