Post of Triumph

Black cat

Not mine, but similar.  Source

Got up today.

Cleaned catbox.

It is the only thing I managed to do.


To do it, I had to :

  • Soak mop in kitchen sink full of bleach water
  • Sweep the bathroom floor clean
  • Scrape out the truly funky contents of the catbox (as I had not got around to cleaning it for some time) into a large plastic bag
  • Add hot water and bleach to the box, scrape it free of any remaining debris, flush the water, add clean water and more bleach, let it sit in the bathtub
  • Mop the floor with bleach solution
  • Scrub the sink and toilet while I’m at it
  • Empty kitchen sink and rinse out mop while waiting for bathroom floor to dry
  • Wipe off catbox with paper towels
  • Reassemble catbox, line it with paper, fill it with clean litter
  • Bleach and scrub the bathtub.

This is all I managed to achieve today.



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