Spot the Misogyny: Famous lady artists do dumb art shit for attention


So apparently “national treasure” Tracey Emin and Cindy Sherman are part of some art project where they make pretentiously ironic Playboy centerfolds.   Read about it here, if you’ve got a strong stomach.

The thing about doing something ironically is that you’re still doing it.

As I have previously opined, irony is just the spoonful of salt that helps the patriarchy seem tasty.

I aver that in a society based on violent oppression of women, that no depiction of a naked female body can be anything but degradingly sexualized.  Many women artists have tried to get around this, whether by denial or by “redefining” oppression or by pretending that we’re all just repressed and looking at more objectified women will somehow cure us.  Sorry, ladies. There’s no artsy-fartsy way of tricking the oppressor out of using us as meatsocks.  If making “ironic” centerfolds really challenged dude-thinking, dudes would be getting angry and calling you radical feminiazis and whatnot.  Are they patting you absentmindedly on the head instead?  Is Playboy funding your artistic challenge?  Then ur doin it wrong.

The Polite Liberal Sexists who are the intended audience for all this highfalutin’ questioning of “the ethics of human behaviour and the hidden political structures of society” are not going to question shit.  They’ll just be looking for the tits ‘n’ ass, and if none are to be found, they’ll turn the page and actually read the articles they all claim they read it for.

And since those men own and control the art world, they get to decide what things in the art world mean.  Lady artists and critics and curators can question and explore and come up with long-winded explanations about why their sucking up to oppressors isn’t really as syncophantic as it looks.

The men don’t care what the women say.  They just want naked ladies, preferably in a classy format.  And they’ll keep on getting what they want, until enough women wise up and quit serving our bodies up on a platter.  It’s bad enough when men do that, but it really chaps  my feminist hide to see women gleefully handmaidening their way into the patriarchy’s heart.

And wallet, no doubt.  There are massive profits to be made by depriving women of their humanity and turning them into sexual objects for dudely entertainment.  Women who do this to other women aren’t artists; they are pimps and p%rnographers.

I don’t portray unclothed female bodies.  Not because I think there’s anything wrong with bodies.  Because I don’t trust a society like this with images of them.

Vortex by M.K. Hajdin

Vortex by M.K. Hajdin

Thanks to Stewie Griffin’s Mom for the link.  I think.

11 thoughts on “Spot the Misogyny: Famous lady artists do dumb art shit for attention

  1. I’m an artist who works with nudes that is for the power of the woman’s body the bueauty of the body and how freeing it is to be nude in the world were it is not ok to show bodies. But I do work with bodies of size and shapes.

    • The patriarchy is like unto a noxiously polluted river with a thick oily film of compulsory sexuality on top. We’re all trying to keep our heads above the slimy water, but everything we do, yea, even our noblest artistic works, are enscummified by a male supremacist culture.

      Your idea could possibly work in a lesbian seperatist colony. But anywhere the dudes are, women’s bodies will be degraded by default, and there is no cure but the overthrow of male dominance and the establishment of a more just and compassionate society.

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    • Isn’t it funny whenever we question dudes about their supposed right to look at nekkid laydeez we’re practicing OMG CENSORSHIP, but those very same dudes never imagine their invalidating and silencing tactics as censorship. It’s only censorship if the subhuman less-thans want the dominators to stop treating them like shit.

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