Quote of the Day: Individuality

Sunlight and Salt by Emily Silver

Sunlight and Salt by Emily Silver.  Source

There are some who would say that the emergence of the Super-Special-I-Me-I!! is both a product of and a justification for systems of oppression.

The individual is ever-more alienated from her humanity (writ large), and instead, in desperation, begins to identify in increasingly narrow ways. Our commonality is presented as an illusion. Rather only through high heels and a kinky sex life or residence in an exclusive suburb can we truly locate our authentic self—we make these choices because they externalize what is inside and incommunicable.

Further, our uniqueness requires that we eschew any political identification that marks us out as primarily part of a group. It is supposed that by identifying as women (or workers), we are in fact denying that which makes us human. We are reduced to a set of choices at the same moment those choices become mere consumer preferences.

We cannot choose to be treated like fully willing beings, we can only choose to submit.

By undermining solidarity, one also undermines any political project aimed at liberation.

— Tigs, on this post from I Blame the Patriarchy

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