Human nature, explained

After Here by Ed Midgett

After Here by Ed Midgett (Source)

There are only two kinds of people:

  • those who are annoying on Twitter
  •  those who aren’t

Of course this doesn’t account for people who are not on Twitter, but I find myself speculating about whether random people I meet in real life would be annoying on Twitter or not, and because I’m cynical, conclude that most of them probably would be.

I’m probably annoying on Twitter too.

And I’m doubly annoying for writing this.  I was supposed to give you answers, dammit.  Not just make you aware of the infinite annoyingness of human nature.*

I’m sorry.

*But just think of the possibilities if we could ever harness it as an alternative energy source

7 thoughts on “Human nature, explained

  1. If we could harness the annoying qualities of human nature we could light up the sun. Oh, wait.

    Hey, I should use that on Twitter!

    People who try to be oh-so-clever on Twitter annoy me until I realize that I’m one of those people, then they’re OK.

    Hey, I should use *that* on Twitter, too!

  2. Not remembering, not knowing and not caring whether or not you’re being ironic is the mark of a genius. Possibly. Or possibly not. One of those things, anyway.

  3. Ah, yes. Sometimes I have to ask myself which is the *most* annoying–genius, photographic memory or perfect pitch. I’ll be honest; I have no answer. But not having immediate answers is the mark of unbridled creativity. Possibly.

    • I can’t answer that, but I can tell you which is the most annoying to HAVE. Perfect pitch. The whole world is off key. Makes you want to gouge out your ears. Also, useless if you can’t sing or play an instrument.

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