Artwork of the Day: Sarah Sudhoff

Trigger warning:  images of fabric stained with human bodily fluids in this post.  Apologies to anyone who finds it offensive, but to me this work is important and useful.

Suicide with Gun, Female, 60 years old, by Sarah Sudhoff

Suicide with Gun, Female, 60 years old by Sarah Sudhoff. Source

Sarah Sudhoff’s work involves photographing the human stain on fabrics taken from places where people died.

In our culture, death is santized and quickly removed from spaces of the living, and yet death haunts us;  television and film are full of glamorized images of death, but not the grim and banal reality thereof.  Death is reduced to a bloodless pantomime, a knocking down of cardboard characters, while the reality is removed.  Sudhoff’s work attempts to restore our long-lost connection to this side of death.

These works don’t give the names or histories of the people involved, aside from a brief description of how they died.  The victims remain anonymous, yet the stains they leave behind seem so painfully real and human.

Sarah Sudhoff’s website is here.

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