Quote of the Day: The Trashcan Sinatras on Scottish independence

Like you needed another reason to love the Trashcan Sinatras:

It has always been a source of frustration to me that the generally socially conscious, community based, fair minded voting patterns of Scotland have been relatively futile in impact. In fact, for the majority of my life, Scotland has been governed by non socially conscious governments. It felt awful and frustrating to live through, still does, and now there is a chance, one chance, to take what will always be, to some degree, a leap in the dark and take hold of complete autonomy for ourselves.

John Douglas from the Trashcan Sinatras

Please read the rest of John’s eloquent statement at the Eddi Reader, here.

And here’s one of my favorite songs by the Trashcan Sinatras.  Brilliant, brilliant band.

Artwork of the Day: Erma Martin Yost

Untitled by Erma Martin Yost.  Source

Untitled, 1975, by Erma Martin Yost.  Source

Trained as a painter but now working primarily with textiles,  Erma Martin Yost’s website is here.

I focus primarily on the work of women artists here at Exiled Stardust. I only feature works that don’t objectify women’s bodies. I like abstract work so I feature a lot of it, but I suppose I could as easily feature realistic landscapes.

Desperate Art-Dudes can only save themselves by exploiting women!

Somebody tweeted this onto my timeline:

“Naked Bird:
Kind hearts, I ask you to attend a fine performance engineered by Phil Ryan and John Bird (creators of The Big Issue) that has a unique and interesting theme. That theme is ‘Redemption!’
Ryan and Bird tell Bird’s story through interrogation and drawing of how he moved through poverty and crime into purpose, by adopting art as his main passion. He drew a lot of naked women in order to bring this journey to a useful and creative solution.
Without drawing naked women, they conjecture, without art being central to Bird’s life, there would not have been the progress that led him to become one of the most important socials (sic) engineers of the last 20 years.
Bird will be interrogated by Ryan in the first half of the piece. In the second part Bird will draw a model as she cross-questions him about his art and his struggle to make sense of his broken life.”

Oh, look. It’s another art-dude treating women like objects instead of like humans.

Hey, everybody! Come see our show! Hot naked chick for your dudely gaze!

If nakedness is so important to the noble goal of redeeming Mr. Bird from his life of poverty and crime, why doesn’t he paint naked pictures of himself?

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Work in progress: small green painting

I should have gone to bed a few hours ago, but I stayed up and worked on this small green  abstract painting instead.

Work in progress by M.K. Hajdin

Work in progress by M.K. Hajdin


I don’t have a title for it yet.


Sunday Scottish reading

Beautiful Scottish shortbread.  Source

Beautiful Scottish shortbread. Source

If you’ve followed me on Twitter you’ll know I support Scottish independence.  I for one have had it with Scots people being treated like second-class citizens, discriminated against for their origin and their accents.

I’m not interested in giving a platform to Unionists on my blog.  Why should I, when they have the whole UK mainstream media on their side, clamoring about how everyone’s Bitter Together?  There are people who actually believe the Scottish Clearances were a humanitarian effort, too, but that doesn’t make it true.

Britain is busy dismantling the NHS, slashing benefits,  and otherwise running the UK into the ground;  Scotland’s best chance is to jump that sinking ship and strike out on its own.

Go read this link.  It has stories about Scottish independence and is free to read.

Yes Scotland has a website here.

The recipe for this beautiful Scottish shortbread pictured above, plus the thistle-patterned pan used to make it, can be found here.  Enjoy.