Anybody want a red painting?

So this is the painting I made for a so-called friend.  I made it to his color choices and specifications. He had said he would arrange for it to be picked up at my place and shipped to him, as we live in different countries.  I showed him the various stages of its development and he was very enthusiastic all along the way.

Lo and behold, the painting is finished, and suddenly he’s not answering messages or emails.  He’s online talking to other people though, just ignoring me.  So I’m pretty sure I’m being intentionally ignored.

Never said why he didn’t want the painting, never said what was wrong with it, just let me waste my materials and time for something he was never really serious about.

Lovely, eh?

Do you think this painting deserves such a fate?

Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin

Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin



14 thoughts on “Anybody want a red painting?

  1. That sucks! Not the painting, your friend. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. I did a charcoal drawing of me and my then-boyfriend/now-hubby and posted it on facebook. A friend from college asked if I could do one of his two children. I said I would and he sent me a picture of them. First of all, it was a rather large picture and second of all, the photographer’s watermark was smack dab in the middle of the image. Needless to say, it took awhile to finish. But I did finish it and I showed it to him along the way, same as you. The images were identical. When I showed it to him and it was time to pay up, all of a sudden he didn’t think it looked like his children. Grrrr.

  2. sorry to hear that.I had a similar thing happen when I was designing a album cover for a indie band. Fortunately I got paid half upfront so I was a bit more fortunate. nice painting btw.

    • I’ve decided to take it off the stretchers and mail it to him and be done with it. I can’t afford to mail it on the stretchers because the painting’s quite large.

      He doesn’t deserve it, ungrateful selfish git, but I’ll feel like I did the right thing anyway.

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