Sunday Scottish reading

Beautiful Scottish shortbread.  Source

Beautiful Scottish shortbread. Source

If you’ve followed me on Twitter you’ll know I support Scottish independence.  I for one have had it with Scots people being treated like second-class citizens, discriminated against for their origin and their accents.

I’m not interested in giving a platform to Unionists on my blog.  Why should I, when they have the whole UK mainstream media on their side, clamoring about how everyone’s Bitter Together?  There are people who actually believe the Scottish Clearances were a humanitarian effort, too, but that doesn’t make it true.

Britain is busy dismantling the NHS, slashing benefits,  and otherwise running the UK into the ground;  Scotland’s best chance is to jump that sinking ship and strike out on its own.

Go read this link.  It has stories about Scottish independence and is free to read.

Yes Scotland has a website here.

The recipe for this beautiful Scottish shortbread pictured above, plus the thistle-patterned pan used to make it, can be found here.  Enjoy.

Petra’s painting finished

This is Petra’s abstract painting, finished. Red, yellow and orange colors as she wanted and I also added some pink for a bit of softness.

Petra's painting by M.K. Hajdin

Petra’s painting by M.K. Hajdin


Had to take the photo at a slightly weird angle to avoid flash reflections.

It doesn’t feel entirely finished to me, but I was starting to overwork it, I think, so I left off at this point.