Quote of the Week: On Margaret Thatcher

Pure evil.  Source

Pure evil.  Source

Margaret Thatcher was proof that evil knows no gender.

Unlike this latest attempt to whitewash her in the Guardian, and this one that claims to admire Thatcher “as a woman”, both full of the faint damn which praises,  I don’t admire her in any way whatsoever.

She wasn’t a feminist.  She hated feminism and said so.  She didn’t advance the cause of women’s liberation by taking a job no woman had ever had before and then using her power to oppress everybody but her rich friends.

It is one of the bitterest, lobe-burstingest ironies of feminism that its meager success has collaterally enbiggened the opportunities of antifeminist women.

– Read the rest of the post at I Blame The Patriarchy

Thatcher wasn’t a ‘strong woman’ because there is no strength in cruelty.  She imitated the worst of the male oppressors.   There is nothing to admire.

Next Wednesday I’ll be wearing whatever red clothing I possess, and also turning the background of my blog red, in support of those protesting in the UK against Thatcher’s unofficial state funeral that will cost the taxpayers 10 million pounds.  They have a Twitter account, too: @WearRedonWed.

And from the comments section of this Bittorrent private tracker site, comes the opinion of user WalterWC:

I’ve never been out of work and I’ve never needed to claim benefits. I’ve always paid tax and for a long time I’ve paid my share of 40% tax. I’d call myself pretty fortunate and quite comfortable in my life.

You know what? That hasn’t made me an avaricious selfish shit who begrudges my tax going to those whose lives are less fortunate and less comfortable than mine.

I don’t even care that some of my taxes might end up in the pockets of immigrants, economic migrants and the occasional benefit fraudster.

I will tell you why I feel this way, and it is simple.

There IS such a thing as society and we are all part of it. The mark of a civilised country is that people believe that it is worth taking part in civil life, that we all have worth and that a society that ignores the weak, the sick and the unfortunate is also a society that will ignore you too if you fall from comfort into uncertainty and precariousness.

Taking a few pounds a week away from me doesn’t actually make a great deal of difference to my life, but it makes a huge one to someone who is trying to keep their family together, feed their children, clothe them and get them off to school. It means even more to someone who is chronically sick and cannot take part in the kind of life that most of us take for granted.

What does make me angry is my taxes going to keep the bankers in bonuses, the utility fat-cats in champagne and cigars and in payoffs to managment consultancies who are busily dismembering the NHS, which for all it’s problems and failings is still the biggest towering achievement of the last century. An achievement that was created by a Labour government, not a Tory one.

So, this is why the Tories are wrong. It is why they will always be wrong. They will never be right so long as they see the weak, the sick, the unemployed and the powerless as worth less and less deserving than their rich chums.

And that is why we should not eulogise Margaret Thatcher.

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