What I did today

What I did today:

Went to meet my friend L in the nearby town.  I haven’t seen him in months.  I got stranded at the train station because on Saturday trains run on a diminished schedule, so my friend’s dad came to pick me up.

We went to the town and had some ice cream and L talked to me about the tourism school he is doing instead of university.

His dad came to pick us up again, and brought L’s little sister, P.  She can understand English but can’t speak it very well.  They came up to my apartment and looked at my art, but I was embarrassed because this place is really a mess.  They liked the one realistic portrait I did the best.  It often happens with people who aren’t exposed to art very much that they respond best to something they recognize: realism.  L’s father asked me many questions that I struggled to answer, because it’s weird for me to talk about something that I do as naturally as breathing.  They seemed to like the art, though.  I don’t know how much they really did.

I DO know that next time I’m going to clean this place up before I invite people over.  I had crusty pans still on the stove and everything.  I’m a slob.

Also, I painted more on my newest painting but won’t have a photo until tomorrow.



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