Painting in progress: Dislocation

Working up the dead-color underlayer.  Well, the semi-dead-color.  Still a lot to do.

Dislocation, painting in progress by M.K. Hajdin

Dislocation, painting in progress by M.K. Hajdin

Was listening to the BBC radio drama version of Nevil Shute’s On the Beach, but it’s over now so I’m pondering what to listen to next. I tried Sir Walter Scott, but although I like his books a lot I don’t fancy them much as radio dramas. I may just go back to listening to crime documentaries on Youtube because they’re so heavily narrated that I don’t have to watch; I can just listen as I paint.

I need someone talking so I can stay awake, but not to have to listen too carefully or it’ll take my attention off of the painting. Normally I don’t like noise in the background; when I had a TV I was never one of those people who left it on all the time for company. But oddly, when painting, I’m more alert with someone talking in the background. You’d think it would be distracting, and normally it is, unless I’m painting.

I wonder if that’s a brain-hemisphere thing.

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