Human Being Is Human In Public, Gets Hated For It

I will teach my child to hate and fear people like you

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero is a woman whose body exceeds the acceptable social limits for a female body in a viciously woman-hating society like the one we live in. Her new photography project documents the disgusted looks and/or nasty laughter she gets from the assholes around her.

Yep.  Assholes.  The kind I don’t allow on my blog. I’d be inviting you all to play a round of Spot the Misogyny with me right now, except the misogyny here is way too obvious.   Oh noes!  A fat lady in public!  Gross!

If women had actual human status, nobody would care what any one of them happened to be shaped like.

I would bet most of these scowlers and sneerers think other people are prejudiced, but they themselves are kind and fair and treat everyone exactly the same!

Everyone says this about themselves, and  everyone is a liar.  Even the people who don’t laugh or sneer at fat people don’t treat conventionally unattractive people the same as they do people considered attractive.  But no one admits it, because nobody wants to be seen as shallow, even though everybody is.  We’ve all been conditioned to believe thin and symmetrical is good, thick and irregular is disgusting and a joke.  But we don’t have to believe every bit of poison we absorb from a toxic culture.  We do have to realize that it’s poison, though.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this for you.  If you laugh at fat people or give them dirty looks, you are an asshole. You’re also a bigot, because fat-hating is a form of bigotry.

No, you don’t get to excuse yourself because OMG OBESITY EPIDEMIC WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FATTIES IF WE HATE THEM HARD ENOUGH THEY WILL STOP BEING FAT AND WE’LL ALL BE SAVED FROM HAVING TO LOOK AT FAT PEOPLE. The media hammers on about this all day long. That media is supported by advertising from a billion dollar diet industry that wants to sell diet crap to as many sheeple as it can.

Maybe if you buy their crap you can avoid the burning rays of stigma landing on YOU.

Or, maybe if you realize how you’re being manipulated and start to resist the message, you can not only make your own life less nasty, you can make the space around you a little less poisonous.

Stop listening to anything that picks on any group of people that doesn’t happen to be rich white males* and makes you feel all relieved like hey, at least you’re not them.  Whether they are  fat people, hoarders,  poor people,  immigrants,  whoever.

You want to believe they’re lazy scum because your sucky life feels like it sucks less if you have someone lower than you on the totem pole to shit all over.    Not surprisingly, this contributes to the collective shit level of our society, which is fucking overwhelming by now.  So stop it.  Grow a soul.  Learn to see the human spark that lives inside every body no matter what its size or shape.

Or get off my planet now.

*Who really run things, and like to deflect our anger away from them and at easy targets

Read the entire post at (don’t read the comments unless you have a strong stomach)

Haley has a website.  It’s here.  And I want to be her friend.

Hat tip to @Zeeblebum for the link.

You can leave comments below if you’re a non-asshole.  As always, asshole comments will be deleted.

13 thoughts on “Human Being Is Human In Public, Gets Hated For It

      • I’ve already looked carefully at them and yes, it is because she’s fat. Those commenters trying to blame the reaction on her unfashionable clothing, lack of smiling, etc. do so because they would rather blame the person they’re hating than admit that they are haters.

      • I would not deny the fact that they are haters. They are haters, seriously, and we should be angry at them.

        But this is not only because she’s fat that those haters reacted like that. This is an unhealthy thing psychologically to herself to try to proove her point by denigrating herself like this.

        “This woman, on the other hand, is so invested into proving that the world hates her that doesn’t seem to allow for the possibility that the problem is not her size but:

        1. The horrible clothes;
        2. The dirty hair that makes her look like a public menace;
        3. Standing in a way that makes it impossible for a crowd to pass;
        4. And, most importantly, the fact that she is being photographed while posing with weird facial expressions.”

        [Link to dumb fetish blog removed. Nice try at spamming – MK]

        P.S.: My favorite woman is a beautiful plump women, even fattyer that this photograph, and many men are strongly attracted by her. And she would never denigrate herself as much as this photograph.

      • She’s showing the world how the world looks at her, and if your reaction is typical, the world doesn’t like its own reflection much.

        But as for your points:

        1. Most clothing, even if it comes in larger sizes, is designed for thin people and does not work well on fat bodies. Even if people did hate her for her clothing, that’s still prejudice and it’s still not OK.
        2. “Dirty” is a common assumption made about fat people. Also, lazy, stupid, greedy and smelly. Even if people did hate her for her hair, it’s still prejudice and it’s still not OK.
        3. They don’t hate her because she’s fat! They hate her because her fat GETS IN THE WAY. Oh, okay then.
        4. “Weird facial expressions”: Not smiling submissively for the male gaze. Funny, when thin, conventionally attractive women don’t smile, no one hates them for it. They are oft photographed scowling and looking miserable on magazine covers. Only fat women, ugly women, are expected to keep their faces contorted in a way that pleases the oppressor.

        P.S. Your personal preferences in women are irrelevant, but the fact that you praise her for appeasing you is not. It outs you as a stealth asshole.

  1. In this issue, men are more mysogynistic than women, but women can be assholes like this against women and men too.

    1) Het men don’t care generally if a men is fat, but generally (not all) they hate fat women.

    2) Het women hate fat men generally but they hate even more fat women han men do.

    P.S.: My favorite woman is a fat women hated by almost other women but rarely hated by men.

    • Women can be assholes and they can be misogynists, but women don’t benefit from women’s oppression. Men benefit.

      1. Correct.
      2. Generally true, though many sitcoms, etc. depict schlubby, fat guys with super-hawt wives, suggesting that there’s a double standard. Also, women hate other women because the patriarchy’s trained them to. Keeps them from realizing who the real enemy is.

      P.S. Your personal preferences remain relevant to no one but you.

    • Not sure what your point is, David. You make personal evaluations of her clothes and appearance which I disagree about, but most importantly, why does it matter? Also, spamming links is not cool.

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