In which I eat yogurt, and decipher mysterious label

I got no painting done yesterday because I had to go out to the store.   Because the sun was shining, this turned out to be a hot and tiring 5 km trek and the sun was down by the time I got back.

Anyway, whilst out I bought this carton of yogurt.
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The golden age is now

Untitled (Trace 1, 2 and 3) by Ingrid Calame.  Source

Untitled (Trace 1, 2 and 3) by Ingrid Calame. Source

If abstract art interests you (and if it doesn’t, why are you reading my blog?) you might enjoy this positively sunny piece by Pepe Karmel about how the golden age of abstraction is now.   Although I couldn’t agree less with his views on globalization,  I found it – dare I say – refreshing?

Quote of the Day: On Funding for the Arts

"Flying" by Mahtab Firouzabadi.  Source

Flying by Mahtab Firouzabadi.  Source

The Guardian printed an article about UK Culture Minister Maria Miller basically calling art a commodity.  Her comments were typical of those who can’t see past their capitalist indoctrination and are not that interesting in themselves, but the comments contained some spirited discussions, particularly this exchange between users Wilbe1, who claimed that governments are right to expect the arts to turn a profit, and domfloyd, who argued that treating the arts as a business would impoverish the culture in less quantifiable ways:

The benefits to society of public investment are not always (in fact, rarely) measurable in terms of money.

If we as a society decide that it is beneficial for all to have thriving culture and arts (and yes, that is certainly a debate worth having), then it seems wise to invest in it – and that means sometimes investing in things that may well turn out to be duds – a thriving art scene always contains duds, just as a thriving scientific research lab will inevitably spend money and time on research which ultimately turns out to be fruitless.

                                                                                                             — domfloyd

Hat tip to Twitter users @oystersearrings and @NTCRIT for the link.