It’s raining today

As I’m walking home from the store today in the pouring rain, a white car comes speeding toward me, deviating from its normal path to veer as close to me as it can.

If there were a lot of rain in the gutter, that move would be guaranteed to kick up a wall of water that would drench me to the skin.   And presumably they would drive away laughing.

Unfortunately for them, I am at a relatively dry stretch of road, so their attempted prank has no effect.

For once the universe is on MY side.  Ha ha, assholes.

Artwork of the Day: Mary Cassatt

Today is Mary Cassatt’s birthday.  Here’s a painting by her:

Two Women Seated by a Woodland Stream by Mary Cassatt.  Source

Two Women Seated by a Woodland Stream by Mary Cassatt.  Source


While respecting the fact that she was one of the leading female impressionists and one of the few women artists most people can recognize, I have to admit that I’m a bit bored by Cassatt’s endless mothers-and-babies subject matter.  She painted her world, but what a narrow world it was, with motherhood being the only possible career for so many women.

Artwork of the Day: Sue McDougall

Solent Saturday by Sue McDougall

I liked the unusual composition and meditative colors of this piece by Sue McDougall.

Sue also writes about women artists. Click here to visit her blog.