Help. My art sucks.

First draft

First draft of Eric’s painting – I was convinced it was ruined

Depressed because your art sucks?

I feel you.

I often feel like my own art does not live up to what I want it to be.

I wish I had constructive advice for you, but I’m in the same boat.

Because Google is not that helpful when you type “my art sucks” into it, I have collected some better links on the topic.  Read, and know at least that other people feel the same as you do, and we’re all card-carrying members of the Artists Who Suck club.

Soak in those bitter words and grow from them.

this post from 606 Studios in 2007

A note on the discussion in the above link:  thinking you suck may be made worse by clinical depression.  Getting treated for it will keep you from doing self-destructive things that will not help you or your art.  So if that sounds like you, please get medical help.  The myth of the tormented artist is just a myth – don’t try to live it.

Invite your muse to party.

this page at an embroidery blog

Check out the page above and its original embroidery – the mandrake root in particular.

Forgotten Fields by M.K. Hajdin

Forgotten Fields by M.K. Hajdin

This design I’m going to do right now is going to suck. But I don’t care and I’m going to create it anyways because I want to see how bad it’s going to turn out.

— “Do You Suck At Art?  Read This for Motivation

Sometimes it works better not to try to convince yourself that you don’t suck, but to give yourself permission to suck – to be as bad as you possibly can, even TRY to be as bad as you can.

“Throughout my life, my willingness to fall flat on my face has been my most marked characteristic.”

Veronica Chambers, from The Joy of Doing Things Badly

Don’t forget this:

Everybody who does interesting, creative work, went through a phase of years where they had really good taste but they could tell that what they were making wasn’t as good as they wanted it to be.

— Ira Glass, from this Zen Pencils cartoon

And remember your cat loves you no matter how much you suck.

Miss Macka, the love of my heart

As long as you feed me, human.

8 thoughts on “Help. My art sucks.

  1. “I often feel like my own art does not live up to what I want it to be.” Every artist feels like this. You are never the artist you want to be. That is why you keep producing new work. It is never right and you have never got there. That’s both the beauty and the pain of it all. If you thought everything you did was marvellous you would never improve or grow as an artist. Keep on keeping on! 🙂

    • Lies. I know plenty of stuck up, snobby twat artists who practically masturbated to what they drew they were so obsessed over worshipping their own perfection and “excellence”

      To the point where I truly just got so sick and disgusted with meeting all these artists in the art community.
      These were the same fuckers who bullied me everyday, calling my work “tasteless shit” whenever I complimented their work and told them I envied their talent.

      Where to this day, I now say fuck art.
      I gave up on it as a passion a long time ago, along with writing, and have had no regrets.
      Plus, it makes my parents all the more happier themselves. Now that I’m working instead on having a medical degree instead of an art degree, they could be anymore ecstatic.

      And at least in the medical field, people are more supportive and more prioritized on saving lives rather being being rude stuck up, pompous twats who are born with talent (that’s pretty much the only way to get good at art is beig born with that shit) and are willing to crush your dreams and piss on them too right before your eyes just so that you’ll have the image engraved into your mind that you’re truly never good enough and that the only way to succeed is by giving up.

      So yeah, fuck art.
      It was merely just a waste of time to begin with. And the only people who can enjoy it are the people who were initially born with the talent in the first place 🙂

      • Good luck in the medical field!
        I’m surprised to hear it’s less competitive than the art world, but then saving lives is a lot more important than putting paint on a canvas.

  2. I feel like this quite often too. But just as Karen said, if you feel its good enough, then there’s no room for improvement. Though, it feels really nice to me when I compare my new drawings with the older ones, and then I see how much I’ve improved.
    By the way, your paintings are awesome Hadjin!

  3. My art is actively getting worse and hasn’t improved for at least 15 years. It’s hard to keep going. I’ve never heard of anyone sucking for this long.

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