Eric Joyce and the painting: now with proof

Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin

This is the painting. Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin

I said I had proof that Eric Joyce MP wanted my painting “Red, Purple, Green”, that he chose the colors and the size of it, and that he meant to display it in his parliamentary office.  Here is that proof.

Ordinarily I would not publish someone’s emails or Twitter DMs without their permission, unless they were abusive.  But either Joyce or his girlfriend India Knight is implying that I am a liar, and this is the only way I can prove that what I said was true.

I’ve only included emails or tweets that reference the painting.

I’ve blurred out part of the email addresses for privacy.

November 2012:

I ask Eric to pick three colors for the painting.

nov32012redpurplegreenHe meant to say, “Red, purple, green.”

I ask him to be more specific about the shades of red, purple and green.


So: he wants red-orange, blue-purple and blue-green.

Next I ask about the general shapes of the painting: should they be angular or curved?  Should the overall tone of the painting be dark or light?


He answers:  light, curves.

Next I asked him what ratio of red to purple to green I should use, and if the painting should be rectangular or square.

He answers there should be more red, some purple and a little green, and that he wants a rectangular format in a landscape rather than a portrait orientation.

I ask him a few more questions about the mood of the painting:  should it be more focused toward the ground or the sky, and if it should feel restless or calm.  He said sky and calm.  By the way, making a painting with a ton of red in it feel calm was really challenging.  Red isn’t a very calm color.


I emailed him a digital sketch of the painting, but I didn’t get an answer right away which made me worried.  I was afraid he didn’t like it.  He sent me an email and couple of DMs to reassure me that he did like it.



On 21 November 2012, I asked him how big the painting should be. I had a 50 x 70 cm canvas ready, but he wanted a bigger painting.

nov32013makeitbigger23nov12officewallnov252012paintingsizeIn the end I made it 70 x 100 cm.

I told him it might be expensive for me to ship.  He said not to worry, he would arrange to have the painting sent by Fedex to the House of Commons.






I sent him a photo of how the painting was progressing.


I told him I was listening to the Trashcan Sinatras while I painted.


I worked on the painting all December, I was sick in January, recovering in February, and spent March – May reworking the painting.   Over this time, the emails got a lot more sporadic. My phone shows that we last spoke on the phone on April 4, 2013, and he said at that time that he loved the painting.

If he ever changed his mind about it at some point, he never told me.

He never followed through with his promise of having the painting Fedexed to him.  I ended up posting it at my own expense, which I had to take the painting off of its stretchers and roll it up to do.   I tracked it through the post and saw that it arrived at the House of Commons safely and that a Mr. Terry signed for it there.

Joyce has never acknowledged receiving the painting or said thank you.   The current whereabouts or condition of the painting is unknown.

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