Portraits of Women Painting from the 1800s

 Berthe Morisot (French artist, 1841-1895) Self-Portrait 1885

This blog features a series of portraits of women painters, mostly from the 1800s, like the self-portrait of Morisot shown above.  Do have a look.

Artwork of the Day: Jessie Fair

Fiber art by Jessie Fair

Fiber art by Jessie Fair

In my current fine art work, Growth Series, I explore the meandering travels, patterns and textures of consuming growth. I am drawn to lush environments in which natural foliage has grown to envelop a space. Mosses, lichens and grasses become agents of transformation; they cover the surface like a blanket and seem to radiate with life.

—  Jessie Fair

Read more here about the work of Jessie Fair.

Jessie Fair’s website is here.

Quote of the Day: Choices

“If a woman makes a choice, that men* question, undermine, and restrict – if, in short, her choices cause kerniption in the patrisphere…
Then likely as not, that is a feminist choice.

Like reproductive autonomy.
Like financial independence.
Like eschewing a pornified aesthetic in favour of comfort and individuality.

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Artwork of the Day: Marie Laurencin

Apollonaire et ses amis (detail) by Marie Laurencin, 1909. (source)

Apollonaire et ses amis (detail) by Marie Laurencin, 1909. (source)

Marie Laurencin was a bisexual French painter and printmaker who lived from 1883 to 1956.

Wikipedia has an article about her citing the usual critical bollocks about a “feminine aesthetic”.

Laurencin is the only painter I’ve seen praised for “painting like a woman”.

Spam of the Day

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