Quote of the Day: Choices

“If a woman makes a choice, that men* question, undermine, and restrict – if, in short, her choices cause kerniption in the patrisphere…
Then likely as not, that is a feminist choice.

Like reproductive autonomy.
Like financial independence.
Like eschewing a pornified aesthetic in favour of comfort and individuality.

If , however, it is a choice that men* , and the patrisphere , laud, encourage, and defend as “choice” ….
Then likely as not, it is not a feminist choice.
Particularly if questioning that fact causes more of the aforesaid kerniption.

Like pornography.
Like prostitution.
Like “artistic” violence and nudity, because “the plot”.
Like being “sex positive” and declaring the rest of us “frigid”.

It’s the selfishness of the individual. The libertarian and libertine, touted as superior, and more “empowering” than the choices made by those who see past this, and the harm it does.


Read the rest of this post at The Real Thunderchild’s blog.




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