Sto minuta slave: a little film review


Sto minuta slave, also known as 100 Minutes of Glory in English, is a film about deaf Croatian watercolorist Slava Raškaj.

Ivory Coupe at Ozelj by Slava Raskaj.  (Source)

Ivory Coupe at Ozelj by Slava Raškaj . (Source)

Information about Raškaj is hard to come by. I could not find any books about her, in either English or Croatian, so I was looking forward to the film treatment of her life.

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More Spam Poetry: “Gems in Your Walk”

Ah, the spam comments in my inbox, they are pure comedy gold.

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This should impress simulataneously.  I’m sure you agree heavy.

“What women look like is not simply a matter of individual choice”

Shadow Self by Alison Jardine

Shadow Self by Alison Jardine: @alisonjardine on Twitter.

On Friday, “Robyn Doolittle: Sexiest Sexy Lady vs. Bad And Ugly Feminists” was the topic of discussion on Global News’ morning show. This conversation not only shows the way in which choice feminism/individualism/neoliberalism has turned feminism into a big dumb (but sexy!) joke, but also how deeply stupid news anchors are.

Read the rest of this post at Feminist Current.

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