Purple, Copper

The purple is actually very dark, almost black, but my camera chokes and tries to lighten it up by overexposing the image.   So I had a fun time trying to photograph this!


Abstract painting featuring purple and copper by M.K. Hajdin

Purple, Copper by M.K. Hajdin

Here’s the detail:

Purple, Copper painting detail, by M.K. Hajdin

Purple, Copper (detail) by M. K. Hajdin

Purple, Silver, Copper now available at Artfinder

inspired by Radiant Orchid

Purple, Silver, Copper by M.K. Hajdin

Inspired by the Pantone color for 2014, Radiant Orchid.

I’ve used this image as the main image for my landing page at my very own website.  Click here to visit.

Now available at Artfinder.

New print available: “Carnage fascinates”

Carnage fascinates by M.K. Hajdin

Carnage fascinates by M.K. Hajdin

I was talking with a friend about scary movies and how he thought one of my paintings was scary because it looked like blood was dripping down it. (It was copper paint, not blood!)

That made me remember this work, which does look like blood dripping down. I’ve made it into a print which is now available at Artfinder. Click here to see.
It’s an A1 sized giclee print, signed and numbered by the artist from a limited edition of 10.