We have confused sexual liberation with sexual violation

Explains it all really.

Laura McNally

Pornography like Playboy and its more violating partners like ‘Brazzer’ are becoming household names. Teens and adults are no longer ashamed to associate themselves with these labels.

But this is not evidence of sexual liberation and freedom, this is evidence that the degradation of women has become socially integrated. We are no longer humiliated for a woman having multiple cocks rammed down her throat, we are no longer hiding the fact that women are cutting up, burning off and bleaching their body parts, we have embraced the hatred and violation of women in its purest form, we have called it sex and we have called it liberation but in essence it is complete violation. By doing so, we have negated the right for women to reject their own degradation. 

We have integrated violent subordination into our daily lives, we have confused sexual domination with sexual intimacy, we have lost the…

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